Ant Control Made Easy – Kit


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Ant Control Made Easy (ACME) is a kit consisting of 4 Antopia 6 Bait Station and 1 quart of Green Way Liquid Ant Killing Bait.

ACME takes advantage of the foraging behavior of ants by providing a highly desireable food source that contains a small amount boron, which is brought back to the queen. When the queen ingests enough of the boron, it casues her stop feeding and reproducing. Without the queens the colony dies. Boron is a naturally occuring element and an essential micronutrient for plants. Boron is found, especailly in coastal soils at rates up to 5 times higher than is in our bait. So, our bait can be used around people, plants and pets with great safety.

Now recieve 1 extra quart of Green Way Liquid Ant Bait at no additional charge.